Meeting Times : Mon-Fri at 12pm | Mon and Friday at 7PM
Meeting Times : Mon-Fri at 12pm | Mon and Friday at 7PM
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General mechanic2021-01-29T16:42:17-04:00

Welcome to Avada Mechanic

General mechanic

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Need a car inspection?

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We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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Learn more about us

Professional engineer

Best price available

Frequently asked questions.

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When Are Your Meetings2022-11-01T15:59:12-04:00

Monday-Friday at 12pm  as well as Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7PM

Is It Free?2022-11-01T17:56:26-04:00

Yes! There are no dues or fees, however we are self supporting through our own contributions. Contribute here

Where Are You Located?2022-11-01T18:00:31-04:00

The Recovery Room – EAST ENTRANCE

977 East 14 Mile Road Troy, MI 48083


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